Therapeutic Massage History

    Therapeutic Massage has been around for thousands of years. Its references have often been found in Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Greek and Egyptian literature. It was in the late 20th century that these gained popularity in the west. Even though, there have been speculations about massages not being as helpful as other medicines, recent clinical trials have revealed that therapeutic massages are useful for chronic back pain and relaxation.

    Fredericton Therapeutic Massage

    A Fredericton Therapeutic Massage is offered by registered massage therapists at Adica Massage Clinic is beneficial for visitors in a variety of ways. These include:

    Stress Relief

    In the fast paced and accelerated life of the modern world, people hardly get the time to relax properly. Sitting in unnatural positions for hours induces physical and mental stress. A Fredericton Therapeutic massage can lower the heart rate, insulin levels and cortisol to facilitate easier breathing and reduce stress. It allows a person to relax even when the therapy is over.


    By being involved in a number of daily activities, your natural posture might have been modified which can be a great source of back aches and body stress. A Fredericton Therapeutic massage helps you get back in the correct posture.

    Blood Circulation

    There might be clots in the body and congestion which do not allow the blood to flow properly to all areas of the body. Massage helps to improve the blood flow and improve body functions. It also helps to eliminate high blood pressure related issues.

    Muscle Relaxation

    Any kind of pain whether its back pain, neck pain or muscle pain can be relieved with a Fredericton therapeutic massage as evidenced by scientific research. Headaches which continue to be quite common among people can also be relieved by therapeutic massage by registered massage therapists.


    While those who perform yoga regularly may feel flexible, a large number of us find it difficult to move our hands, legs or feet beyond a certain extent. With massage therapy, the joints can be freed to allow more flexibility to your body making it less prone to injuries.

    Increased Focus

    By providing you a relieved and stress free brain together with a fresh mindset and a healthy body, therapeutic massage enables you to concentrate and focus on certain activities with a peaceful and calm mind. This helps in increasing productivity in all aspects of life.

    Why Adica Massage Clinic?

    People looking for Massage Therapy in Fredericton often search for specialists and registered massage therapists. The experts at Adica Massage Clinic are all certified massage therapists who can help you to relieve stress, pains and other kinds of medical problems to aid you in living a healthy life. Besides expertise, the environment at the Clinic makes the perfect ambience for a massage as it is located in a 200 year old Victorian home in Fredericton.

    We have helped numerous people to in eliminating pains, depression, stress and other kinds of daily problems. Adica Massage also offers special services such as Hot Stone Massage, Couples Massage and Salt Glow Massage at the most reasonable price in the market. Visit us to see how we can bring a miraculous change in your life.

    Massage prices at Adica Massage Clinic are as follows:

    fredericton therapeutic massage

    Duration of Massage Cost
    1/2 hour $44.34
    1 hour $74.34
    1 1/2 hour $114.34
    2 hour $139.34