What is Sports Massage?

    This is a special type of massage that focuses on sporting injuries and ailments. Sports massage is not necessarily a relaxing type of massage, in fact it is not meant to be a relaxing massage. Instead, the massage can get quite rough at times. However, it is not only for sportsmen as anyone who exercises even just a little on a regular basis can benefit from this massage.

    Athletes who are always looking forward to set higher goals and improve their performance can greatly benefit from a sports massage as it provides them a higher degree of flexibility and strength.

    Why Should You Get a Sports Massage?

    The purpose of a sports massage is not only to heal injuries faster but also to prevent them. During exercise, there can be a considerable build up of stress and tension in the body. By easing up this tension, athletes get more flexibility and become less prone to injuries while exercising under extreme conditions. There are three categories of sports massage that are effleurage, petrissage and friction. These categories are rather techniques that focus on the heart to increase blood circulation while ensuring that the blood pressure does not rise.

    If you are into sports, try getting a sports massage before an event and see the difference in your performance for yourself. Otherwise, if you have suffered an injury in an unfortunate event, a sports massage can accelerate the healing process.

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    Benefits of a Sports Massage

    In 2010, the journal of Strength and Conditioning Research revealed a study which showed that even a 30 second massage can improve hip-flexor range of motion. Another research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine revealed that sports massage decreases muscle soreness in athletes regardless of whether it is delivered before an event or post it. There are numerous benefits of a sports massage and they are not only meant for athletes. These include:


    When a sports massage is delivered by a registered massage therapist, it has proved to be the most effective treatment for releasing muscle tension and restoring the balance to the musculo-skeletal system. A regular massage can prevent injuries up to a great degree as they may even be caused by overuse of the muscles. A sports massage reduces the constant build up of tension in joints, ligaments and tendons which results from regular exercise.

    Muscle Imbalance

    Athletes often suffer from the problem of muscular imbalance without even knowing about it. These problems are usually detected at later stages when they become a source of considerably discomfort and degrading performance. Registered Massage Therapists at Adica Massage Clinic in Fredericton have the expertise to detect the variations in soft tissues and restore the balance by using a variety of techniques.

    Besides these two, some other benefits of a sports massage include:

    • Reduced Fatigue
    • Relieved Swelling
    • Added Flexibility
    • Pain Relief
    • Improved Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

    Adica Massage Fredericton

    If you are looking to get a sports massage in Fredericton, there is no other clinic as good as Adica Massage Clinic. Based in a 200+ Victorian building, clinic has registered massage therapists who have the necessary expertise to perform the most effective sports massage. The clinic also offers other special massages such as Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Salt Glow Massage. The prices of different therapies vary according to their duration. They are listed as follows:

    Duration of Massage Cost
    1/2 hour $44.34
    1 hour $74.34
    1 1/2 hour $114.34
    2 hour $139.34