Therapeutic Massage History

    Therapeutic Massage has been around for many, many years. References have been found in Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Greek and Egyptian literature. It gained popularity in the west in the late 20th century. There have been many speculations if massage actually works, but there have been many trials that prove that massage is great for chronic pain.

    Saint John Therapeutic Massage

    A Saint John Therapeutic Massage offered by registered massage therapists at Adica Massage Clinic include multiple benefits such as:

    Stress Relief

    With the amount of stress people go through in our fast paced life, it’s rare that people get time to relax. Sitting in unnatural positions for many hours a day can make for physical and mental stress. Saint John Therapeutic massage can lower your heart rate to reduce stress. This allows a person to relax, even after the Saint John Therapeutic massage is complete.


    A Saint John Therapeutic massage can also help with your posture. Taking part in many daily activities can cause your posture to become poor. Let Adica Massage Clinic help you!

    Blood Circulation

    A Saint John Therapeutic Massage can also help reduce blood clots that help with blood circulation. This will help reduce pain and be healthier over all.

    Muscle Relaxation

    Any pain, such as back or neck pain can be reduce or even eliminated with a Saint John Therapeutic Massage. Registered Massage Therapists can also help relieve headaches, which a lot of people struggle with.


    Do you have problems with reduced flexibility? Massage therapy can help you be able to move your joints and body more freely.

    Increased Focus

    Increasing your focus can help you in all aspects of your life. A Saint John Therapeutic massage can help you release your mind and allow you to focus.

    Why Adica Massage Clinic?

    When you are searching for a massage therapist in Saint John, you want to make sure you are getting a therapist who is registered. The experts at Adica Massage Clinic are all certified, with numerous hours of education and hands on experience. Besides expertise, the environment at the clinic is a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

    We have helped numerous people from all sorts of different backgrounds, whether it be pain, stress, depression etc. Adica Massage also offers special services such as Hot Stone Massage, Couples Massage and Salt Glow Massage at the most reasonable price in the market. Visit us to see how we can bring a miraculous change in your life.

    Saint John Therapeutic Massage