What is Sports Massage?

    This is a special type of massage that focuses more on an injury, it also can be called a deep tissue massage. A Saint John Sports massage is not a relaxing massage, it can hurt, but it is meant to get deep into your muscles. However, it is not just for someone who plays sports, anyone can benefit from this type of massage.

    Athletes who are always looking to better themselves, and to stay healthy with the least amount of injuries would benefit greatly from a Saint John Sports Massage.

    Why Should You Get a Sports Massage?

    A Saint John Sports Massage doesn’t only help heal injuries, but it can help with preventing them as well. When you exercise, there can be a lot of tension that builds up on your body. By easing up this tension, athletes get more flexibility which will lessen your injuries. There are three categories of a Saint John sports massage that are effleurage, petrissage and friction. These categories are rather techniques that focus on the increase of blood circulation.

    If you are into sports, try getting a Saint John sports massage before an event and see the difference in your body. Otherwise, if you have suffered an injury in an unfortunate event, a sports massage can accelerate the healing process.

    Saint John Sports Massage

    Benefits of a Sports Massage

    In 2010, the journal of Strength and Conditioning Research revealed a study which show that your hip flexors can benefit from a 30 second massage. Another research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine revealed that sports massage will decrease pain in your muscles after an event. There are numerous benefits of a sports massage that are not just for athletes. These include:


    When a Saint John sports massage is delivered by a registered massage therapist, it is the best treatment to release muscle tension to the musculo-skeletal system. A regular massage can still be beneficial. However, a sports massage reduces the constant build up in your body.

    Muscle Imbalance

    Athletes often suffer from the problem of muscular imbalance and might not be aware of it. These problems are generally detected later on when the person is in great discomfort. Registered Massage Therapists at Adica Massage Clinic in Saint John have the expertise to detect signs early on with a variety of techniques.

    Besides these two, some other benefits of a sports massage include:

    • Reduced Fatigue
    • Relieved Swelling
    • Added Flexibility
    • Pain Relief
    • Improved Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

     Adica Massage Saint John

    If you are looking to get a Saint John sports massage, Adica Massage Clinic is your best choice. Based in a 200+ Victorian building, clinic has registered massage therapists who have the necessary expertise to perform the most effective sports massage. The clinic also offers other special massages such as Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Salt Glow Massage.