What is Pregnancy Massage?

    A Pregnancy massage is also referred to as a Prenatal Massage. This massage is meant for women who are expecting, in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. In the later stages of pregnancy, you can experience aches and pains. A Saint John Pregnancy massage can help a pregnant woman relax, and feel more positive throughout her pregnancy with her body.

    Who Should Deliver a Pregnancy Massage?

    Since pregnancy is a sensitive stage, it is important to have someone who is trained in Saint John pregnancy massage. In Saint John, there are many massage clinics, however, nobody has expertise quite like Adica Massage Clinic. These experts know exactly how to perform this massage during the different stages of pregnancy.

    Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

    There are so many different benefits that can come from a Saint John pregnancy massage. The most important benefits include:

    Hormone Regulation

    Multiple studies that have been done in the last decade show that pregnancy massage can help with regulating hormones during pregnancy. Women who receive these massages are more calm and are able to eliminate stress. The change in hormones can make for less complications during birth.

    Reduced Swelling

    Swelled joints are very common during pregnancy. This tends to happen with lack of blood circulation and increased blood pressure. Pregnancy Massage stimulates the soft tissue to eliminate waste.

    Nerve Pain Reduction

    In later stages of pregnancy, you can get tension in your legs due to your uterus growing. This results in Sciatic Nerve Pain.

    Other benefits of Pregnancy Massage include:

    • Better sleep
    • Much positive mood
    • Reduced headaches
    • Ease in labor pain

    Saint John pregnancy massage

    Adica Massage Fredericton

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