What is a Massage Therapist?

    The definition of a massage is manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) which can enhance an individual’s well being. A massage therapist is a person who performs the manual manipulations. This person can be...

    What is Fascial Release Massage?

    You have probably heard the term Fascial Release Massage but maybe you didn’t know what it meant. Fascial Release massage involves manipulating the superficial and deeper layers of connective tissue surrounding the muscle, in order to facilitate the release of tension in...

    Who are the Best Massage Therapists in Fredericton?

    Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we feel we are the best massage therapists in Fredericton. At Adica Massage Clinic all of our therapists are registered, and we always keep up with the latest techniques available. We continually take upgrading courses to assur...

    Massage for Relaxation

    Relaxation massages offer many benefits to the client. In today’s day, we are always on high speed and rushing around. Whether getting to work, finishing an assignment, family, finances, appointments, and everything in between which can result in having high amounts of...

    What is a 4 Handed Massage?

    Sometimes people just need to pamper themselves. A massage is a great way to pamper, but have you ever thought about getting a 4 handed massage? Yes you heard right, a 4 handed massage. A 4 handed massage is exactly what it sounds like. You get the pleasure of having two massage...

    The Difference Between a Massage Therapist and a Masseuse

    A lot of people wouldn’t realize that there are many differences between a Massage Therapist and a Masseuse. In the 1800’s a masseuse/masseur were men or women in France that performed massages to the clients. Time’s have changed since then, but the titles of Massage...

    What to expect during your Massage?

    Getting a massage shouldn’t be a stressful event. We have highlighted what you should expect during a massage appointment to help put your mind at ease for your upcoming appointment! Make sure it’s a Good Time to Have a Massage If you are sick or have any skin...

    Can Massage help Night Shift Workers?

    The University of British Columbia (UBC) doctors may soon be releasing results of their study on the effects of massage therapy on stress and inflammation caused by individuals working night shifts. This clinical research started in February 2014 and was schedule for completion...

    Can Massage Help Post Partum Depression?

    With all the changes that go on after giving birth, some women experience postpartum depression. Did you know that massage can help with mothers who are postpartum? Massage can be given right after childbirth to help with the placenta, or ongoing after birth to decrease aches,...

    What is a Sports Massage?

    We know that athletes can be more susceptible to injury and sore muscles due to having too much physical activity or sometimes just getting an injury during their sporting activity. A sports massage can help with not only relieving those injuries or sore muscles but to help...