What is Pregnancy Massage?

    Pregnancy massage is also often referred to as prenatal massage. This special type of massage is for women who are expecting and are in the second or third phase of their pregnancy. As in the later stages of pregnancy, the weight towards the belly increases; it gives rise to numerous pains in the body such as back pains. Pregnancy massage helps pregnant women to relax, feel good and adapt the changes in their bodies positively.

    Who Should Deliver a Pregnancy Massage?

    Since pregnancy is a sensitive stage, it is imperative to let registered massage therapists do the job. In Fredericton, there might be a number of massage clinics but none have the expertise like Adica Massage Clinic. Our massage therapists are required to complete thousands of hours of education to become registered and certified. These experts know exactly how to perform a pregnancy massage for different women at different stages of pregnancy.

    Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

    From lowered anxiety, decreased back and leg pain to relieved stress on joints, pregnancy massage offers a number of benefits to pregnant women in order to ease up their later stages of pregnancy. The most important benefits include:

    Hormone Regulation

    Scientific studies in the last decade have revealed that pregnancy massages help considerably in altering the hormone levels which are directly linked to relaxation and stress. Women who receive these massages twice a week get an increased level of dopamine and serotonin while a decreased level of norepinephrine and cortisol which plays a considerable role in eliminating stress and inducing calm and relaxed feelings. Also, the changed hormone levels lead to fewer complications during birth.

    Reduced Swelling

    It is common to experience swelled joints during pregnancy. This usually happens due to reduced circulation of blood and an increase of blood pressure. Pregnancy Massage stimulates the soft tissues to remove any tissue waste and improve circulation to reduce swelling of the joints.

    Nerve Pain Reduction

    In later stages of pregnancy, the uterus induces tension in the muscles of the upper and lower leg which puts pressure on the nerves in the vicinity. This results in Sciatic Nerve Pain. Pregnancy massage delivered by a registered massage therapist releases the tension on the nerves and muscles in the vicinity of the upper and lower legs and reduces the nerve pain by a great degree.

    Other benefits of Pregnancy Massage include:

    • Better sleep
    • Much positive mood
    • Reduced headaches
    • Ease in labor pain

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    Adica Massage Fredericton

    The registered massage therapists at Adica Massage Clinic in Fredericton provide the most relaxing and satisfying massage in the entire town. The ambience of the 200+ year old Victorian building sets the mood while most reasonable prices offered by us are a great source of attraction for many. Our massage therapists also specialize in other types of special massages such as Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Salt Glow Massage, etc. We offer various durations, anything from 30 minutes to a 2 hour massage. The following are our rates depending on the duration of the massage:

    Duration of Massage Cost
    1/2 hour $44.34
    1 hour $74.34
    1 1/2 hour $114.34
    2 hour $139.34