Traveling – Kayla Magee

    It’s mid-February and winter feels like it will never end, it just seems like endless snowfall.  For many people, this is the time for vacation, your chance to get away from the cold for a short while. Many of my clients feel that it is very helpful to book their last massage,...

    What is Whiplash? – Nicole Gillette

    What is whiplash? Whiplash is an acceleration-deceleration injury to the head and neck. It is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents, but it can also happen in sports and even when you fall and try to catch yourself. You should go to the hospital...

    What is the Pectoralis Minor? – Sarah Fischer

    Pectoralis minor is a little muscle that can pack a big punch. This muscle attaches to the coracoids process of your scapula to the 3rd to 5th ribs, and under which lies the nerves that run into your arms and hands. When Pectoralis Minor gets ignored, tight and irritated, it lets...

    “First World Problems” Massage – Erica Whitman

    Are you suffering from shoulder tension and headaches? Does your forearms and hands hurt? You may be spending too much time texting or too much time on the computer. But don’t worry… you are not alone. This “phenomenon” has been sweeping across North...

    Posture – Erica Whitman

    Beginning at a young age, we are often told to “stand up straight”, or “put your shoulders back”. This wasn’t because our parents or elders were just looking for reasons to pick on us. They gave us this advice because they were at an age when they were starting to see or even...

    Forearms Pain – Sarah Fisher

    I have been a massage therapist for 6 years and with that i have noticed how the forearms go unnoticed. Throughout the day especially depending on your career, those muscles take on a large work load and often get neglected. Just because you are not in pain doesn’t mean...

    Massage after Surgery – Kayla MaGee

    Over the past of being an Registered Massage Therapist I have had plenty of clients who have had some type of surgery done at some point in their lives.  Quite a few of them had difficulties maneuvering around for a period of time while healing, this is quite common.  Massage...

    Massage Therapy and Office Workers

    Author: Nicole Gillett, RMT, Adica Massage Clinic, Fredericton Over the past four and a half years of being a RMT, I have seen many different types of clients as well as clients with different occupations. The most common occupation is office workers, which means working on a...