Can Massage Help Post Partum Depression?

    With all the changes that go on after giving birth, some women experience postpartum depression. Did you know that massage can help with mothers who are postpartum? Massage can be given right after childbirth to help with the placenta, or ongoing after birth to decrease aches,...

    What is a Sports Massage?

    We know that athletes can be more susceptible to injury and sore muscles due to having too much physical activity or sometimes just getting an injury during their sporting activity. A sports massage can help with not only relieving those injuries or sore muscles but to help...

    Massage Therapy and Fibromyalgia – Erica Whitman

    What is Fibromyaglia? The dictionary says; “a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.” As with most diseases, many people have heard of them but don’t really understand them. The problem of people...

    Massage and Remedial Exercises – Erica Whitman

    Most people think that massage therapists are only good for the hands for an hour. After that, they are on their own. This is not true. All massage therapists take in school training on stretches and strengthening. We are able to provide home care work for the client to do at...

    Adductor Muscles – Nicole Gillett

    Your adductor muscles are found on your inner thigh. Your adductors are made up of 6 small muscles: Adductor magnus (this muscle has a hamstring part and adductor part), gracilis, adductor longus, adductor brevis, obturator externus, pectineus, and adductor minimus (also...

    Biceps Muscle – Nicole Gillett

    Your biceps muscle lies on the upper arm between your shoulder and elbow. It has 2 heads: a long head and a short head. That’s how she got its name “bi” meaning 2. Both heads originate on the scapula (shoulder blade) and come together to make one muscle and join just past...

    Levator Scapula – Nicole Gillett

    The legator scapula muscle is located on the back and a little to the side of the neck. Its function is in its name, it lifts the scapula (Shoulder blade). We, as massage therapists, work on this muscle a lot due to it being tight on pretty much everyone. Bad posture and working...

    Hip flexor strain – Sarah Fischer

    Hip flexor strain: something I have been treating a lot of lately so I thought I would have a little blog moment about it. Hip flexors bring your knee toward your chest, in small or big movements. The main muscles involved in this movement are psoas major, iliacus, rectus femoris...

    1 year of being a RMT. – Sarah Fischer

    A whole year! July 1 means I have been a registered massage therapist at Adica Massage Clinic for exactly one year!   Let me tell you, time flies when you are having fun, I’m serious. Between awesome clients and fabulous colleagues, this past year has been full of...

    Plantar Fasciitis – Nicole Gillett

    With the ‘sandals’ and ‘heels’ season, we, as massage therapists, see a lot of foot problems from wearing flat sandals. Wearing sandals without any support can cause plantar fasciitis.   Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia is the band...