What is Lymphatic Drainage?

    There are many health benefits of having the lymphatic system drained. This is a process that is done at Adica Massage Clinic during your massage. Over time the foods we eat, things we drink and the air we breathe all contain heavy metals of one kind or another and it usually...

    Should I have a 1 Hour Massage?

    Should I have a 1-hour massage? You would be surprised how often this question is asked. With a 1 hour session you get the full hour on the table. Not just 45 or 50 minutes like some other places. Our times are based fully on how much time you are getting the massage. With a 1...

    What is a Sports Massage?

    We know that athletes can be more susceptible to injury and sore muscles due to having too much physical activity or sometimes just getting an injury during their sporting activity. A sports massage can help with not only relieving those injuries or sore muscles but to help...

    Massage and Remedial Exercises – Erica Whitman

    Most people think that massage therapists are only good for the hands for an hour. After that, they are on their own. This is not true. All massage therapists take in school training on stretches and strengthening. We are able to provide home care work for the client to do at...

    Connective Tissue – Erica Whitman

    When most people think of the makeup of their body’s, they think bones, muscles, organs and skin. But have you ever wondered what fills in the space between? The body is a fascinating make up of so many different systems and pieces, but the one thing that holds everything...

    Levator Scapula – Nicole Gillett

    The legator scapula muscle is located on the back and a little to the side of the neck. Its function is in its name, it lifts the scapula (Shoulder blade). We, as massage therapists, work on this muscle a lot due to it being tight on pretty much everyone. Bad posture and working...

    Sprain – Nicole Gillett

    A sprain is damage to one or more ligaments in any joint, usually caused by direct trauma or the joint being taken beyond it’s range of motion.   The severity of the sprain can range from minor (only last a few days) to major (usually requires a surgical fix). The most...

    Stay hydrated! – Sarah Fischer

    HEAT WAVE!! This is the season we’ve all been waiting for ….summer. Along with summer comes lots of heat and outdoor time. As great as it is to be outside, enjoying the sun, and oh how lovely it is, we often forget how important it is to play safe and take care of...

    Scars and Burns – Erica Whitman

                A lot of people have gone through intense surgeries or have been the victim of a traumatic injury, such as burns or accidents. Many of these situations result in scarring and most of the times, scars leave people with chronic problems. Many scars leave the skin...

    Piriformis Muscle – Sarah Fischer

    I can’t say why it is, but for some reason the piriformis muscle is one of my favorite muscles, that’s right, I have my favorites. This muscle attaches to your sacrum, around the 2nd to 4th segment and then distally attaches to your greater trochanter, which can be...