What are Good Yoga Poses for your Posture?

    Slouching over a smartphone, sitting at a desk all day, or even just things in your everyday life can negatively affect your posture. It’s easy to not have correct posture and not be aware of it. Poor posture can result in back pain, aches in your neck, and loss of energy....

    What is the Difference Between a Sprain and a Strain? – Sarah Fischer

    Sprain and strain, the two sound pretty similar but they actually are two different injuries. Some people aren’t sure which is which, or what the difference is, as there are similarities between the two, but over the next few paragraphs I will go over what actually occurs...

    Infant Massage – Nicole Gillett

    Did you know that massage isn’t just for adults? Infant massage can either be done by a registered massage therapist or, right at home, by you. Doing it at home can help build the bond between baby and parent. There are many benefits of infant massage: it can help the baby...

    Posture – Erica Whitman

    Beginning at a young age, we are often told to “stand up straight”, or “put your shoulders back”. This wasn’t because our parents or elders were just looking for reasons to pick on us. They gave us this advice because they were at an age when they were starting to see or even...