In today’s fast paced and accelerated life, people hardly get the time to relax. Even if they do, the mental relaxation that they get might not be sufficient for the body after sitting in unusual positions for hours. As therapy, registered massage therapists in Fredericton allow you to just lie down on a table for an hour or two, while all the stress and anxiety is extracted out of your muscles with hot stones.

    Origins of Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stone Massage has been around for ages as there are instances of it being used as a healing treatment in India and many other places. It was introduced in North America in the early 1990s.

    hot stone massage

    What is Hot Stone Massage?

    The massage uses smooth and flat basalt stones which are first heated to around 50-53 degree Celsius and then placed on the body. The stones are often heated in warm water to ensure that they have acquired a uniform temperature throughout the surface and the insides. These heated stones are usually placed on the back and hands while the therapist uses another pair to work up the muscles throughout the body.

    The treatment could also be combined with other massage techniques to result in an intensive and integrated healing therapy. The stones help to transfer heat to the tissues buried deep within the body and their placement on acupressure points can be a source to great stress relief.

    How does Hot Stone Massage Work?

    Those who have already been to such a therapy would know the exact relaxation feeling that the massage provides. Quite often, hot stone massage is accompanied by cold stones to increase the frequency of contractions and expansion of the muscles. The heat transfer also helps in increasing fluid circulation along particular areas which eventually helps alleviating congestions.

    Frequent treatment with hot stone massage helps to remove any energy blockages in the body that may lead to cancer or other diseases in the future.

    Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

    If you consult any expert massage therapists, they would tell you that a registered massage therapist such as the ones at Adica Massage Fredericton can provide great aid with hot stones to relax the muscles, improve circulation, alleviate any pains and rid the body of toxins. There are numerous other benefits of hot stone massage which are listed as follows:

    • Liver Decongestion
    • Detoxification of Blood
    • Relaxed Colon
    • Better Hydration
    • Increased Range of Motion in Joint Movement
    • Relieves Stress

    However, there are many others who do it for the sole purpose of spirituality and inner peace.

    Why Adica Massage Fredericton?

    If you have been searching for massage therapy Fredericton, you would be relieved to know that Adica Massage Clinic has registered massage therapists and the clinic is located in a 200 year old Victorian home to provide the right environment for the treatment.

    Hot Stone Massage is among the special treatments that the clinic provides and it only charges $85 for the job. Any insurance company that provides massage coverage recognizes the Adica Massage Clinic. The experts at the clinic also provide other types of massages such as a Couple Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Sports Massage just to name a few. We offer different time ranges to fit your schedule, 30 minute massage, 1 hour massage right up to 2 hour massage. The usual therapy rates are listed below:

    Duration of Massage Cost
    1/2 hour $44.34
    1 hour $74.34
    1 1/2 hour $114.34
    2 hour $139.34