Although, we are often looking for exciting experiences, the company of another person often adds pleasure to the situation. A Fredericton Couple’s Massage could be a great way to bond with your significant other. After all, happiness is only real when shared. Massage therapy is a stress relieving activity for many, but there are still those who wish to come to therapy but hesitate while coming alone. Among the registered massage therapists in Fredericton, Adica Massage Clinic is among the only ones that allow people to come in with their partners and enjoy the relaxation in a collectively conscious state.

    Fredericton Couple’s Massage

    The Couple’s Massage is an important factor of massage therapy in Fredericton. Not only do we encourage couples to come in for a massage, we also encourage people to come in with friends and family. For couples, the massage provides endless benefits such as the following:

    It helps them reconnect: In many situations, there does not necessarily have to be a barrier between to people for communication gap to form. The lives of current era are quite complicated and fast paced that many couples are so busy that they rarely get time for each other. The Fredericton couple’s massage helps such people reconnect by enjoying the same activity together, bring their minds to the same platform and let go of all the external factors of the world.

    It increases feelings of affection: The energy provided to the body through massage by experts stimulates the release of many feel-good hormones. For couples, such feelings could be concentrated towards each other and result in elevated affection for each other after the therapy.

    But these does not mean that a Fredericton couple’s massage is only beneficial for romantically involved couples as it also has the following benefits for any two partners that come in:

    Comfort and Ease

    For a number of people, going for a massage for the first time can induce nervousness. In such situations, going with a person that you already know releases the tension.


    Although massage is a healing therapy, for many it is also a spiritual experience. It induces a state of mind that makes it easier to indulge in conversations with others. People could open up in self-discovery themes and feel comfortable around others.

    Besides these, receiving treatment from registered massage therapists is one of the best ways to live a healthy and stress free life. A Fredericton couple’s massage may also be a great option while planning a special occasion.

    Adica Massage Clinic offers massage enthusiasts to enjoy a treatment in large 200 year old Victorian rooms for the perfect atmosphere. The couple’s massage could be availed for just $146.68. There are also other types of special treatments offered by registered massage therapists at the clinic which include hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, therapeutic massage, etc. Such treatments can be greatly beneficial in prevention of numerous diseases such as cancer. People who get a regular massage relaxation tend to live a much stress free and content life. Depending on the customer’s preference, they could get a massage ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour. The rates are as follows:

    fredericton couple's massage

    Duration of Massage Cost
    1 hour $146.68
    1 1/2 hour $228.68
    2 hour $278.65