What Is Active Release Techniques (ART)?

    What is the difference between Active Release Techniques and Fascia massage? Well to start, they are completely different. Active Release Techniques involves specifically directed tension by the therapist on the soft tissue in combination with specific movements performed either...

    What is Fascial Release Massage?

    You have probably heard the term Fascial Release Massage but maybe you didn’t know what it meant. Fascial Release massage involves manipulating the superficial and deeper layers of connective tissue surrounding the muscle, in order to facilitate the release of tension in...

    What is Plantar Fasciitis? – Sarah Fischer

    It can be tricky to pronounce, but oh how common this condition is. I thought I would write about it due to the fact that a lot of my clients have been diagnosed with it but also I had one who said they never knew they had it, they just thought it was normal to always wake up and...